Addon API Introduction

With LabyMod 4 we've improved the way to develop addons. You now have one project per addon; this allows you to write version-independent code in the same project as version-dependent code without needing to copy & paste the version-independent code for every version.

Here are some of the changes with our new Addon API:

  • With our brand new Activity System, you can easily create and theme custom screens without needing to know how to use OpenGL
  • More events for almost every occasion that behave like server-side events
  • Improved way to create and use configurations
  • Easy internationalization
  • Mixin for bytecode manipulation in every version
  • Easier setup and debugging of the addon

As of now, you'll have to manually update your build.gradle.kts when we update our Gradle plugin or support a new Minecraft version. If you want to stay up to date at any time or if you have any questions regarding our Addon API, please feel free to join our development Discord.

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